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Exclusive Skin Analysis
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Your skin under the microscope

Skin conditions can vary greatly, from the common and easily correctable problems of dry, dehydrated or flaky epidermis, to the more complex problems of premature ageing and inherited complaints such as acne etc. Accurate assessment of individual skin requirements allows personalised and effective treatments.

The Identitest®
Simple, quick and precise, the Identitest® is an exclusive method by which you can instantly ascertain the level of moisture and oils (sebum) within the epidermic layers.
A series of three colourmetric reagents are each in turn gently rubbed on the skin with cotton wool. The subsequent changes are then interpreted by us.

Quick Guide

Are you concerned about your skin?

Does it feel DRY or OILY?

Is it FLAKY, SENSITIVE or lacks tone?

Dilated pores, blackheads or ACNE?

All conditions with easily noticeable symptoms, but only a comprehensive analytic report can precisely identify the causes and offer effective solutions through specialised treatments and preparations.

The “Analytic Report Service” is a specialist bureau using the sophisticated microscopic technique analysis. From these advanced techniques the service provides a personalised report delivering a description of the condition, the causes or possible causes, photographic evidence and products for home use.
A unique service available to
you ONLY through our








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Very Dry Dehydrated skin showing loss of eslastin fibres. This skin would age very quickly.












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very dry dehydrated skin caused by psoriasis condition. The skin is almost totally lacking in elastin fibres and collagen.













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The Identiprint® and Dermo-Posi-Print®

This unique and exclusive microscopic technique is achieved by reproducing, with molecular precision, the epidermic structure and dermic connective tissues (collagen and elastin etc.) using a special latex rubber solution.
Quickly processed and viewed under the microscope, the Dermo-Posi-Print® reveals the most intimate aspects of the skin structure, even detecting problems which are not yet externally visible.

These skin treatments were created in 1946 by French biologist and humanist Marcel Contier. He understood that to truly care for peoples skin requires not only specialised preparations, but also techniques designed to suit the specific needs of the individual, an approach not achievable with a mass market product.

When examining the skin we enter the field of biology and the one fundamental and natural law which governs this science - the indisputable principle of individuality, we are all different.
Our exclusive methods and a comprehensive range of preparations are created respecting this scientific principle, and our unique microscopic analytic systems are designed to accurately and quickly assess the quality of the skin and its biological functions.

Please contact us for further information.

Dry Skin Conditions

What causes this very common problem, in cold countries the weather is a factor, we cover up and Protect our bodies and leave the face exposed. In hot climates the sun can cause great damage to the skin if over exposed without protection. It can destroy the elastin and collagen, the building blocks of the skin, once this has occurred the damage is permanent.

Diet is also a problem, A good balanced diet will go a long way to maintaining a healthy skin, plenty of vegetables, fruit, water etc.

The wrong products used on the skin can cause severe dehydration due to the strong astringent effects of some cleansers and skin exfoliates.

Inherited genetic skin conditions, skin conditions can pass from one generation to the next. Dry skin can lead to premature ageing, A break down in the elastin and collagen structure, and Also a loss of ceramids which acts like the cement of the skin.

A balanced programme of skin care preparations, advice on diet and vitamin and mineral supplements is required to normalise this condition.

Skin Analysis Form

Please complete the analysis form, answer as many questions as possible and return either by e-mail or post, incl. £12.50 sterling analysis fee payable at Shopping Cart. When Analysis complete a full report on your skin condition plus recommendations and advice on skin preparations to normalise your skin will be sent to you.

Dry Sensitive Skin

Many factors have an influence upon the biological equilibrium of the skin; wind and cold, atmospheric pollution, bad eating habits, stress and fatigue, all manifestations of a modern way of life and inducing profound modifications upon the skin making it very dry and sensitive.

What is dry sensitive skin?

This skin condition, which can be found in all ages, is basically brought about by a deficiency of essential fatty acids. The skin becomes hypersensitive, uncomfortable, Reddens and becomes incapable of maintaining its natural level of moisture. Becoming irritated and reacting to most cosmetic preparations, it eventually becomes incapable of protecting itself against external aggressions.

Beauty and the Skin

Maintaining and improving the skin, keeping that youthful look to the skin. This is the aim of most women. But how do we achieve this?

We must analyse the skin and use analytical methods to assess the true condition of the skin, we are all individuals therefore our skin requires individually prescribed preparations.

All the factors have to be considered, the oil levels of the skin, the hydration of the skin, the condition of the elastin and collagen.

These are just some of the areas we must study before we can decide what skin preparations to advise our clients to use. This is common sense; define the problem the treat with the correct preparations.

Skin analysis Form

Complete the analysis form, return to our skin clinic, incl. £12.50 analysis Fee, When analysis complete we will send you on a complete report on your skins condition with recommendations on what preparations to use, Incl. Costs etc. also advise on nutrition and supplements to ensure a healthy skin.

Anti-Ageing Treatments

Recent scientific progress has drawn attention to the important role played by certain derivatives of collagen in the ageing of the skin and particularly in the development of wrinkles.

It has been shown that associations between fatty acids and amino acids, including the lipo-amino acids, intervene in the biosynthesis of the skin.

Colagen is a protein whose special characteristic is an amino-acid, Hydroxy-prolin, derived from prolin.

While it is accepted that we cannot stop the ageing process, much can be done to slow down the deterioration of the elastine and collagen. From the age of thirty our skin loses the capacity to renew and maintain its elasticity and youth, progressively and naturally.

From this age it is essential that we use the correct preparations to maintain and enhance the skins elastine and collagen structure, to slow down the ageing process by helping the skins biological functions.

Acne and Treatments

Just about everyone has mild acne vulgaris at some time during their teenage years. But this does not mean it is unimportant. For some people, acne is severe, persistant and painful. With onset of adolescence, a time most of us are particulary sensitive about appearance, acne causes much anguish and distress. It is not uncommon to find some acne affecting adults too.

Acne - a variety of conditions

Firstly one must be aware that acne can present itself in many different forms and on various parts of the body, with different degrees of intensity.

Most infectious forms of acne can be very distressing and require medical attention. But acne is not always infectious, at least at the onset, it is then a correct hygienic and cosmetic approach can be helpful combined with some dietary changes can bring positive results.

Why Acne Appears

The outer epidermis is composed of layers(8 to 10 in normal conditions) of hard, dead(keratinised) cells. The corneal layer protects our body from external factors. This layer naturally wears out, exfoliates and is replaced by new cells in a process known as cellular turnover. The major contributing factor towards the formation of acneic conditions is played by cellular turnover. An increase production of cells leads to an increased thickening of the skins corneal layer which causes the blocking of the sebaceous follicle. The sebaceous follicle produces small almost invisible hairs, but as the name suggests boast a large sebaceous(oil) gland.

Hormone Factors

Both the sebaceous glands and the epidermic cellular turnover are influenced by the male hormones, the androgens. Both the male and female produce testosterone. The factor responsible for acne is the enzyme 5 Alpha Reductase, which transforms testosterone into dehydrotestosterone(d.h.t.), a super charged version of the hormone capable of dramatically increasing the production of sebum and accelerating cellular turnover. People with this genetic condition(high level of 5 Alpha reductase entering the target cells) will develop acne from puberty, sometimes going on in many cases into the thirties.

Juvenile Acne

From an early age the signs are evident, the skin becomes greasy and begins to thicken. This is the time to act. Prevention is the advisable thing to do. Cleanse with an appropriate cleanser, non-aggresive and gentle to the skin. In fact the most important action which effectively prevents the blockage of the pores, hence infection is to reduce the thickness of the corneal layers, thereby keeping the follicles open. At night one can use a gentle A.H.A cream. This will help reduce the build-up of the corneal layers. Remember though, these treatments will cause dehydration, hence the use of a good moisturising preparation is necessary. It is a fact that acneic skin, although greasy, has corneal layers lacking in moisture.

Infection is Serious

In the presence of infected pimples and worse still, infected pustules, the use of antibiotics becomes necessary and there is a medical problem. With the bursting of the follicle walls, the infection will spread deep inside the skin and into the dermis and this is no longer a cosmetic problem. Nevertheless, there is still a need for good cleansing and general skin maintenance. There is still a role to be played cosmetically.

What to do, and what not to do

Good cleansing with the right preparations, a day and night cream to help the genetic condition. Regular use of antiseptic lotions.

What not to do

Is perform manual exfoliating techniques as this will just spread the infection to other pores. Despite it's complexity, acne can be a simple problem. Firstly inhibit the action of the 5 Alpha reductase, avoid the blockage of the follicles, control the activity of the sebaceous glands. In effect help prevent the development of acne.

Dietary Advice

A low fat diet is advisable. Avoid chocolate and sweets. Reduce intake of alcohol. Use a roll-on deodorant instead of spray.

Our Acne Products

We have a variety of treatments in our product catalogue, which are specially prepared for treating acne conditions. They are gentle in use on the skin and are natural organic herbal based products. Please also note that none of the preparations supplied by us are animal tested.

Skin Analysis Form

We must analyse the skin to pinpoint where the skin needs most help and structure preparations to suit the individual.

Complete the analysis form, return to our Hair & Skin Clinic incl. £12.50 Analysis Fee. When analysis complete we will send you a complete report on your skins condition with recommendations on what preparations to use incl. Costs etc. also advise on nutrition and supplements to ensure a healthy and youthful skin.

All skin preparations are prescribed on an individual basis. Please incl. £12.50 Sterling Fee.

Email a photograph for analysis

As well as completing the skin analysis form, it could also be beneficial to send an email with a photographic attachment. This could be a photo taken by a digital camera, or else a normal photograph scanned into your computer. To carry this out read the following instructions:

1. click on the following link (Ninian Smith) to generate an email to send from your computer. Most users will probably use outlook express.

2. enter your full name into the top of the body of the email in order to label the email correctly for identification purposes. As a further option you could also type e.g. skin photo into the subject line of the email.

3. click (normally the paperclip icon) to browse your computer for the photograph and add to the email as attachment.

4. Double-check that the photograph or image is attached before sending, then send.

5. If there are any problems with the email received, then we can inform you of this in due course.

6. Please note to receive a full-analysis you must still complete the Skin Analysis Form and pay for the Analysis through the product catalogue. Once the relevant information has been received, the analysis can be undertaken.

7. Any further questions regarding this, then please contact Ninian Smith for further advice and assistance.

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