Ninian Smith, Consultant Trichologists, Hair & Skin Centre
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Legal Expert Witness

Legal Expert Witness Service

During the course of my work I have also been called upon to examine and prepare reports regarding hairdressing negligence, accidental damage to hair, and also dissatisfied clients of hair replacement systems. Usually the client has taken action on legal advice to contact ourselves regarding the above services.

This would usually involve an initial consultation to determine if there has been negligent action to the hair or scalp. Our initial report would then be sent to your legal representative. If it is then decided to proceed with legal action we would prepare a full report including visual and microscopic evidence of the condition of the hair. Should the case go to court I can be called upon to act as a Legal Expert Witness. A full list of charges for the above service would be supplied for your approval. May I add that any reports would contain an honest, impartial opinion to assist the court in its duties and to a standard expected by me by the Institute of Trichologists.