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Ninian Smith

Ninian Smith

Member of the Institute of Trichologists, London


For the past eleven years I have been an associate and member of the Institute of Trichologists, working from my clinic. This work involves all aspects relating to the scalp and hair. I am qualified to treat scalp disorders such as, psoriasis and eczema and also all disorders of the hair including alopecia totalis, alopecia areata, diffuse hair loss, nervous related hair loss etc. I also provide a wide range of dermocosmetic preparations to improve the skin, anti-age treatments, acne treatments and dry skin conditions. Only by analysing the skin can you determine the skin's condition, and prescribe preparations to normalise and improve the skin's condition.

Common Hair Loss Conditions


As registered members of the Institute of Trichologists, our Hair and Skin clinic can provide the necessary expertise to assess any problem. The extensive knowledge and expertise of a qualified trichologist is essential but not totally conclusive in the diagnosis of a hair or scalp problem. The microscopic analysis of actual hair bulbs can pinpoint the exact cause(s) of any problem. We use the latest and exclusive microscopic analytical techniques for hair investigation, which provides a service second to none.


Treatments Available from our Hair & Skin Centre


We believe in using natural treatments, which will help to promote a healthy scalp and hair without the fear of any side effects. All the treatments we use have been subject to extensive research and development by universities and laboratories throughout Europe over the past forty years. This research has NOT involved animal testing. The methods of application, treatments and analytical systems resulting from this research are of the highest quality and professionalism.

Hair Analysis Process

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Hair Transplant Surgery


We are consultants for the leading team of Hair Transplant Surgeons in the U.K.
We can advise you on all aspects of this subject. It is very important that you receive professional advice before considering hair transplant surgery. We can give you guidance, advice and answers. having a hair transplant is a major decision that can be fraught with pitfalls, if the wrong choices are made regarding who carries out the surgery. After care is also an important consideration, so get the right advice and you will make the right decision.

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